Sunday, July 22, 2012

We picked the hottest month in the history of the world to camp at Spaulding for the month. The heat has kept us inside in order to take advantage of the AC. It’s really not what we had in mind. The temperatures have bounced between 98 and 101!

Of course what would be a Doyle camping adventure without a repair issue coming into play. No, it wasn’t a tire issue, but rather a holding tank issue. It seems the tank came loose from the brackets that hold it in place. Only one side of the tank dropped, but in the process the pipe that connects to the sewer hose was bent and developed a leak. Hard as it was for me to believe, we had difficulty finding a service person that would do an onsite repair. I thought we lived in the RV capital of the world, and yet repair services seem to be limited. We finally found this clown who agreed to come to the campground. I say “clown” only because he was totally unprepared. For example he hadn’t charged any of his batteries for his drill. He needed a rubber mallet that I had to supply. The same was true of duck tape. I thought everybody in the world had duck tape. Anyhow, he did manage to get the tank rebolted. It no longer leaked. However, attaching the tank cover was a whole other problem. He duck taped the cover in place. Two days later the cover came loose and is now laying on the ground!
I paid $210 for his service. I told him the job he did was unacceptable. He is scheduled to return this afternoon. Hopefully he’ll bring a few tools.

It’s now Sunday, July 22nd and I can tell you that the repairman did return and completed the job. Hopefully it will hold together when we next move the trailer. Speaking of our travel trailer, we have decided we will sell the five year old Sunset Trail. We had mixed emotions about selling it, but believe the time has come. It’s becoming more and more difficult for me to do the work necessary to maintain, set up, tear down and haul it. When it becomes too much work for the return on the effort invested, it’s probably time to move on. So if any of you know anyone who might be interested in a five year old thirty foot travel trailer, let us know. I should add that it will not be available until September 18th.

We now have all heard and seen the details of the mass murder in Colorado. A mass murder that makes utterly no sense. What has caused the rise of mass murders, killings, and bizarre behavior in the United States? I believe it’s the gradual change in our culture over the past fifty years. It has been so gradual we haven’t even noticed. I’m sure many of you have heard about the frog and the kettle of boiling water. Scientists found that if you throw a frog into boiling water he will immediately jump out. However, if you place the frog in cold water and gradually get the water to the boiling point the frog will stay in the water and eventually die. I believe that is what has happened to our country. There is no longer any accountability on the part of individuals, corporations, and most of all the government. No one is responsible. There is an excuse for everything. We bend over backwards trying to find a reason why people do what they do. What we should be doing is letting them know what the consequences of their actions will render them. Don’t you just love it when the mass murder is constantly referred to as a “suspect”. I’m surprised he isn’t being labeled ‘a person of interest’. I believe the decline in our cultural morals began with the decision to remove prayer from our schools. I’m fine with a small percentage of students not taking part in prayer. I’m NOT fine with that same small percentage dictating to the vast majority of us because of some morons (mostly liberal courts) concern that we might offend someone. This excuse for any and all types of behavior makes me want to puke. We’re moving closer and closer to replicating the Roman Empire. Glenn Beck said it best a few days ago. He said “our country has a hole in its soul”. Bill Cosby wrote a piece in which he lamented all the various actions and behaviors he is tired of hearing and seeing. Lastly he said he is glad to “be on his way out rather than being on his way in”. I feel exactly the same way. I only hope our country will change course for the sake of our grandkids and their kids. It’s now up to them to turn this culture around.  


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